Inauguration of the first EC field barn
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You think we’re done with building at the EC? Think again! :)

The first of four field barns on the Summer course premises built in the style of the Allgäu region was properly inaugurated by our carpenters and many friends who came to celebrate in (semi-)traditional style.

Edwin pulled out his Sunday best carpenter’s outfit to read a traditional poem thanking everyone involved in the construction and including good wishes for the benefit of the new building. And the inauguration would be neither complete nor auspicious without three toasts together as well! Homemade burgers for everyone on top – a wonderful little party celebrating the amazing work of our voluntary EC architects and carpenters.

The field barns will be used to store the Summer course stuff like kitchen equipment and building material for the tents. So on the long run, they will save us quite a bit of money that would otherwise be spent on renting lots of storage space.

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