Weekend courses with Diamond Way Teachers

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Did you know that we now frequently have whole weekend courses full of meditation practice and lectures with Diamond Way teachers at the Europe Center? You are warmly invited!

This time, Anton Orlov from Israel guided the meditations and gave lectures, joined by local Diamond Way Teachers for some sessions. Anton Orlov has been practicing Diamond Way Buddhism since 2002 and has been teaching on behalf of Lama Ole Nydahl since 2012. He lives in Beer Sheva, Israel.

Focussing on the Foundational Practices (Tib. Ngöndro), we meditated in four sessions per day. At the beginnings of the sessions, Anton gave inspiring talks on all objects of refuge in Diamond Way Buddhism:

- Buddha (the enlightend state of our mind)
- Dharma (Buddha’s teachings bringing us towards this state)
- Sangha (the realized Bodhisattvas and friends on the way)
- Teacher (Skt. Guru, Tib. Lama; uniting blessing, methods and protection).

Please check our events page for more weekend courses with Diamond Way teachers!