Phowa meditation practice on full moon

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Full moon is traditionally considered to be an excellent time for meditation, increasing the intensity and multiplying the good impressions. So with those who have completed a Phowa course with Lama Ole Nydahl, we practice this precious meditation on full moon nights.

Lama Ole has taught this transference of consciousness meditation to more than 80,000 people worldwide over many years. In the meditation practice one learns to transfer consciousness at the moment of death into a state of highest bliss.

Through the meditation on “conscious dying” you get the opportunity to work intensively with the process of your own death. Buddhist teachings contain very precise descriptions on the process of dying, death and the stages between death and rebirth. Many teachers and meditation masters have also had a lot of experience with the process of dying.

Those that have learnt the Phowa practice also learn how to actively help others at the moment of death. Lama Ole Nydahl received the transmission of the Phowa teachings from different Tibetan Lamas and is today the most significant teacher of this practice in the Western world. Those that wish to take part in the 5 day course can find the important information and necessary preparation meditation in every Diamond Way Buddhist center.

To the friends who returned home straight after the Summer Course:
If possible, you might want to try to stay longer and help with the dismantling of the infrastructure next year…

Why? Not only because of the merit and the great atmosphere of joyful activity for the benefit of others, but also because the person helping you to carry that huge piece of wooden tent floor just might be – yes, Lama Ole!

Our tireless teacher gave the perfect example of unending diligence and strength once again, coming out of his retreat and helping with the dismantling on several occasions. And it broke records: taking the huge cafeteria tent floor to pieces took less than an hour!

On top, right before leaving the Europe Center almost a week after the course had ended, Lama Ole guided a meditation for the helpers who had worked all the past days and gave blessing.

We could not be more grateful to our always inspiring Lama and wish him all the best for his ongoing retreat! We will do our part and use as much time as possible for meditation as well!

There must be quite some good karma involved when Lama Ole comes out from behind the curtain to surprise you on your birthday party – Tomek Lehnert most certainly has got that karma!

Lama Ole’s longterm student, travel companion and Diamond Way teacher turned 60 just a day after the Summer Course, and of course the Summer Course team joined forces with the EC team to throw him an appropriate birthday bash after Tomek guided the evening meditation.

Thousands of students had already signed his huge birthday card, filled a whole book with good wishes for Tomek and given generous donations during the course – we dare to say that Tomek was close to tears when he got his present and the card, along with a huge birthday cake, speeches by friends, acrobatic performances, a video presentation by Lama Ole’s wife Alexandra, and an invitation to be the DJ at his own party for the rest of the night.

As if that wasn’t enough already, Lama Ole made a surprise appearance to congratulate Tomek and joined the dancing afterwards.

Many happy returns, dearest Tomek – and thank you for being such an inspiration to thousands of people on their way to liberation and enlightenment!

Rinpoche kept his promise: after a week of traveling in Europe, he returned to the EC to give us the initation into the Buddha of Limitless Life (Skt. Amitayus, Tib. Tsepame).

Amitayus is an emanation of the Buddha of Limitless Light, embodying a long life and health. His hands in meditation posture hold a vase with long life nectar with a flowering ashoka branch. Meditating on him enables one to realize the immortality of mind.

We would like to thank Lopon Dorji Rinpoche so much for giving us three precious empowerments and teachings at this year’s Summer course. We wish him all the best for his vast activity in and beyond Bhutan and are looking forward to hopefully welcoming him back to the EC soon!

Following an afternoon of inspiring presentations by Diamond Way Buddhist Centers and whole countries around the world, Lama Ole gave more precious Mahamudra teachings.

For centuries masters of the Kagyu lineage have taught the Great Seal in a variety of ways ranging from more systematic and gradual to intensely direct and experiential. Lama Ole delivers these teachings in a fresh and spontaneous manner that is both accessible and in keeping with the style and authenticity of the colorful Kagyu tradition.

‘The Ultimate Supreme Path of Mahamudra’ is another highly regarded text originally given by Lama Shang (or Lama Zhang), a charismatic, larger-than-life, and enlightened spiritual teacher. Lama Shang was also a highly effective military and political leader during a turbulent time in 12th century Tibet. He, like Lama Ole, was known to teach in a simple, straightforward and accessible way.

To understand the Great Seal is to know the inseparability of subject, object and the interaction in between. By meditating on enlightened Buddha forms of energy and light, “we understand we can only see this perfection outside because we have the seed of it inside all the time,” according to Lama Ole.

After the departure of Lopon Dorji Rinchen Rinpoche and Jigme Rinpoche, Lama Ole continued his teachings on the Great Seal (Skt. Mahamudra, Tib. Chag Chen). The pith instructions on Mahamudra, also referred to as the Ganges-Mahamudra, by the Indian Mahasiddha Tilopa is an unending dwell of inspiration for practitioners of Diamond Way Buddhism and its view.

Tilopa [988 - 1069] condensed the essence of the different teachings in four streams of teachings that were later collected into one set by his main student Naropa under the name of the
„Six Teachings of Naropa“. Tilopa lived in desert places und had a number of disciples. Among them Naropa became the next forefather of the Kagyu Lineage. On the completion of the twelve hardships, Tilopa taught these instructions on the banks of the river Ganges to the Kashmiri pandit, the wise and learned Naropa. Naropa taught The Twenty-Eight Vajra Verses to the great interpreter, the king of translators, Marpa Chökyi Lodrö. Marpa finalized his translation at Pulahari in the north of India.

And who is making it possible for all of us to get these precious teachings? All the voluntary helpers making the course work around the clock. The ladies from the Joy Center (formally knows as the Job Center ;) are running around in the course recruiting helpers for the hundreds of mini jobs per day. Many of the course participants also come by their stand in the dining tent by themselves to grab a job in the kitchen, in the cleaning team or somewhere else.

Our Wonderful Teachers…

August 9th, 2016

… as usual made the most of their days, giving lectures and empowerments, meditating, getting to know the Europe Center and meeting their students.

On Monday we said goodbye to Lopon Dorji Rinchen Rinpoche. However, the goodbye was kind of easier than expected because Rinpoche had generously accepted Lama Ole’s invitation to come back to the EC as soon as possible – which is actually already next weekend. Lopon will then give the empowerment of the Buddha of Long Life (Skt. Amitayus, Tib. Tsepame) and the Buddha of Limitless Light (Skt. Amitabha, Tib. Öpame) to us.

Lama Jigme Rinpoche took the time to check out the course’s Dharma shops as well the beautiful new statues and thangkas (tibetan scroll paintings) on offer for the Buddhist center’s altars.

Lama Jigme Rinpoche gave the second of three consecutive empowerments at this year’s Summer Course today, that into one of the most important meditation aspects for practitioners of Diamond Way Buddhism – Diamond Mind (Skt. Vajrasattva; Tib. Dorje Sempa), united with his consort Vajragarvi (Tib. Dorje Nyema).

The meditation on Diamond Mind is one of the most powerful methods for purifying imprints in the subconscious that were caused by harmful actions in this and former lives. Through this method, karmic seeds can be purified before they ripen in the form of negative experiences.

Karma means cause and effect, not fate. Everyone is responsible for his or her own life and shapes it through thoughts, words and actions. This understanding makes it possible to consciously generate positive impressions in mind, which lead to happiness and help avoid future suffering.

This meditation practice is part of the Four Preliminary Practices in Vajrayana Buddhism. It is said that a practitioner can achieve enlightenment solely by practicing and completing these meditations. They are the preparation for the following Mahamudra or Guru Yoga practices.

Lopon Dorji Rinchen, a high Lama from the Kingdom of Bhutan, was warmly received by Jigme Rinpoche and Lama Ole Nydahl today. Invited by Lama Ole, Lopon came to give the empowerment into Guru Rinpoche (skt. Padmasambhava).

Lama Ole showed Lopon Dorji Rinchen around the Europe Center, from the stupa via the gompa up to the new building, which he also resides in during his stay. In the evening Jigme Rinpoche gave high teachings in the packed gompa tent.

Lopon Dorji Rinchen is one of the 5 meditation masters of the royal family of Bhutan and a learned Buddhist scholar. With the title Tshoke Lopon, he is the second highest ranked Lopon of the Kingdom of Bhutan. He has been a principal, lecturer, and meditation master at various Buddhist universities in Bhutan.

So how come Lopon could make time to come to Europe despite all his commitments? Actually, it is thanks to the Bhutanese or Tibetan Calendar, which is adjusted every three years by doubling the 7th month. This was the case this year, so Lopon had a whole month extra which he is using to teach in Europe for three weeks! We are very grateful to the Eastern calculation of times for this! :)

Perfect timing – after guiding a session of Guru Yoga, the meditation on the 8th Karmapa, and answering a whole box of questions from his students, Lama Ole was there right on time to welcome his old friend Lama Jigme Rinpoche back to the EC.

We are very honored to have Lama Jigme Rinpoche back with us at the Europe Center. Rinpoche is the official representative of the Gyalwa Karmapa Trinley Thaye Dorje in Europe and the brother of the late Shamar Rinpoche, the 2nd highest Lama of the Karma Kagyu Lineage of Tibetan Buddhism. Rinpoche is going to give teachings and two empowerments over the next days.