January 2008 – Moving Time

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January 2008 – Moving Time

January 11th, 2008

So much is going on in the EC at the beginning of the year!

On the second week people have started to slowly move in, so there are 12 people living here right now. Two couples are staying in the second house and two couples as well as some other friends in the main Villa. Gerge and Caty have moved in for at least four months and Nicolas from Sweden has become the main cook of EC for the next three years.
So in the centre there already are people from Lithuania, Poland, Sweden, Czech republic, Germany and Hungary.

Everyday people from the closest centres are coming to help with cleaning and preparing the EC for the weekend meeting of the summer course organizers.

Unfortunately at the moment visitors cannot stay to live here, because the place is not yet ready to host so many friends, but there is a plan to build a dormitory in the future.

The main changes have happened with the gompa, which was already established in October. Because it was too small, we have decided to move the gompa to the most beautiful and biggest room in the main Villa. In the middle of the room there is already standing the big statue of Buddha Sakyamuni, you all know from the last initiation with Karmapa in Kassel. It will be provisory filled by Caty as soon as possible. There is also a nice place for the library, which we hope will be filled with lama Ole´s books in all languages.

We are right now working on small renovations inside the house. Painting, restoring and renovating the furniture is the everyday program. There is already a kitchen, which provides everybody with food.
We meditate every day together in the morning and at 8 p.m. On Thursday there is a public meditation at the same time. Today we were 45 people meditating together.

So, Europe centre now gets really moving!!!
Yours, EC team

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