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Gut Hochreute was purchased privately in 2007 by the Diamond Way Buddhist Foundation. All of the parties involved were very satisfied with this solution. A private purchaser would have been difficult to find since the upkeep of the property is quite costly; commercial use, e.g. as a hotel, would have required major restructuring in order to be profitable. In both cases public access to the historically protected buildings would have remained prohibited. Its use as a city owned museum, on the other hand, would have been very expensive for Immenstadt. The charitable foundation was the ideal owner because its semi-public use made it possible for the citizens of Immenstadt to visit the historic art nouveau buildings.



From a Buddhist point of view it is all about recognizing that one’s own perfect inner nature is always mirrored in outer phenomena. For this reason the picturesque Gut Hochreute is an ideal place for a meditation center with its landscape of particular significance.

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Construction plans

An additional building was planned from the very beginning in order to host seminars meaningfully and in order to use these historically protected buildings in a gentle way.

Fitted to the original buildings of Gut Hochreute, primarily employing regional companies, using natural materials and with the minimum possible intrusion into the environment, the new building with its green roof has been conceived to blend subtly into its surroundings both physically and optically.

The low energy use building will partly be constructed from wood harvested from the property – simultaneously transforming the aged spruce monoculture into an ecologically sensible alpine mixed wood forest. The Diamond Way Buddhist Foundation is also keeping an eye on the recreational value of the property for the citizens of Immenstadt. The landscape planning – which has been developed in cooperation with experts – is aimed toward long term improvement of the landscape and the environment as a whole. The network of hiking trails which wind through the property will make it possible for every visitor to share in this experience.