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We feel at home in Immenstadt. This is in a large part due to the people of Immenstadt who have so warmly and open heartedly accepted us, the Buddhists who have come here from countries all over the world in order to found the Europe Center. It is a place that means very much to us, for which we searched long and hard, and which represents the heart of our organization. Friends from our centers throughout the world can stay here for a while to add their experience to ours – and then return home to share with their friends the wealth of experience which they gained in the Europe Center.

We are happy to share our vitality and international diversity with all those who live in the surrounding area and who wish to contact us. That is one of the reasons that we repeatedly offer cultural events such as exhibitions and concerts. We are also aware that we have acquired a jewel in the form of the wonderful grounds of Gut Hochreute and we wish to share this beauty with our neighbors. There will always be occasions for us to do so in the future.

There are many areas (art and culture, nature and landscape, economic life etc.) in which the Europe Center and the region interact and we hope that there will be more in the future.

Here, on this site, we want to gradually present information about everything which interests the citizens of the region in their contact with us.


Building and property development

The property of Gut Hochreute consists of sloping meadows and forests – which need to be managed, cultivated and protected – and of the historically protected building complex which we are gradually restoring. One of the prerequisites for our purchase of the property was the possibility of constructing a new building on the property. This alone makes it possible for us to both conduct seminars in a meaningful way and to protect the art nouveau buildings from overuse and to preserve their beauty for years to come.

More about building and property development


Community involvement

In general, we Buddhists have been very well accepted in Immenstadt and we enrich the city life with cultural offers such as exhibitions and concerts. In addition, we provide an increase in the number of overnight stays and a general economic upswing, not only during the two week summer course when ca. 2000 visitors per day are served meals cooked primarily from regional products. During the summer course 2011 more than 200 participants donated blood to the Bavarian Red Cross.