Thank you for growing the EC in 2009!

Thank you for growing the EC in 2009! |

Dearest EC Growers!

the Europe Center  has a truly remarkable “local” (read international :) sangha. With more than 350 newcomers in 2009, there are now over 960* friends in 36 countries who have joined I GROW EC!

Thanks to this, a great thing happened in 2009: we broke even and can now completely cover the main running costs of the Europe Center – heating, electricity, water & waste etc. This has created space and surplus to focus much more on developing the EC program and events.

Our Europe Center is actually not so much about the place itself – it is about the people who come there and their activity; and in 2009 we were able to host over 6000 friends thanks to those supporting us.

And you are one of them. Thank you!

Pour féliciter 2010 and let’s keep on growing…

Your EC Team

ps: Here is a small treat for you – a special edition of the I GROW EC! movie from the International Summer Course 2009 for our members (sound on :)

*we cannot tell exactly how many because we have still new members joining us here at the Hamburg New Year’s course :)