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01 Team Mitte – DE

Conceptual Design

The main theme of our design is to give a spacious order to the site. We have arranged the extensions to the buildings and the outdoor features based on a mandala type structure. The heart is the stupa area with the new Gompa. To overcome the conflict between only periodic use and also big courses we have arranged annexes and space where not only a lot of people can be accommodated, but also where it has a family closeness. These places can be found on various levels.

We have chosen the medium height of the inner courtyard as project zero. There is a plateau that reaches the entrance area of the second house and matches the lines of the house. The gompa has a little more than the asked for 550 square meters. In the south is a peaceful courtyard on the same level as the gompa’s basement, which with a circular walk way made with ramps connects the courtyard at the back to the front of the villa on the gompa’s northern side. The distinguishing feature outside is the dominating stupa and square whose powerful presence will be with the help of vegetative placement softened somewhat without it losing its roominess and openness.

The integral “public” level is at + 2.55 and connects the gompa, barn and with what is found in the northern utility area with its combined heat and power plant, WC, shower house and kitchen extension area. Further on is the summer course area that is transparent and varied and movement throughout is unhindered.

The property’s buildings will be essentially left as they are. The connection of individual rooms will make it possible to meet all requirements. The ground floor of the villa is an open zone with gompa and a large adjoining drawing room. Above are located private flats and in the attic Lama Ole’s flat. Karmapa’s flat is in the attic above the gompa and is reachable with a lift.

The barn will become a hostel with rooms of different sizes and uses on the first floor levels. In the attic will be a sleeping floor. The bales of straw below will be adapted to make sleeping cubicles, one level deeper are some flats. The illumination will be accomplished through glass gables and the open space of the room. Public areas such as the café and art workshop areas are found around the entrance of the courtyard, grouped in order to make it approachable for the interested people. The greenhouse in front of the courtyard is planned to be an info pavilion and should have a row of flags added.

The main axis is located in front of the barn in an east west direction and in front of the gompa in a north south direction (similar to HH).

The gompa is divided into a meditation hall, foyer and a central area that can function both as a library and its main function as Karmapa’s flat. In the basement of the gompa is room for all sorts of uses and above all is an attractive display room with corner glass windows and access to the “Zen garden”. An extra perk is the 170 square meter sauna whose waste heat can heat the gompa.

A special place is the Mahakala room, which is found in the ice cellar and can be opened up for large initiations. The kitchen extension area is located to the north of the barn in the utility area. Underneath is a large non-potable water reservoir making the building more self- sufficient. This area will be roofed with some sort of membrane on pylons and will be stretched to the northern supporting wall. All surfaces merge into the surrounding land in natural lines and are in the courtyard strongly accentuated in order to enhance the urbanity of the site.