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11 Team CMR – London GB

Our presentation of EC Architect’s Idea Contest is very briefly shown. In respect of A list of existing buildings we have change very little of the buildings structure.

Main house
Basement and the 2nd floor of the main house we kept for permanent habitats. Ground floor, because of the stunning interiors we kept representative. Alternatively during a big courses some of the rooms can work as temporary bedrooms. First floor we set Lama Ole’s flat. We have no plans of attic space, but from the photos it looks like some rooms can be there.

Second house
Here we also have not change much in the living part of the building. In the basement, because of the luck of proper day light, we have set laundry, dry room and in the lightest one is sewing room. Then there is heating room and adjoining e.g. storage room for habitats. First floor is for habitats. Second floor and attic is for permanent guest. On the ground floor of the other part of the building is internet room, shop and café which goes down to the basement. On the first floor are bedrooms. The idea is set this space for the permanent guest.

Ground floor of the stable is reserved for kitchen. There is easy access for the cars from the north side of the building as well as from court yard there is an entrance. There are also kitchen storages, kitchen staff restroom and toilets, dining hall. On the west side there might be adjoining rooms e.g. buggy/slide room and garden tools. There are no plans of the adjoining shade (wood chips) but this space could be converted into a fully glass wall building where the office and entry is set. First floor of the stable is divided between living space (dormitory, 3 double bedrooms with bathrooms, single room, tea kitchen with the living room) on the court yard side and adjoining space as garages, etc. on northern side, with two bridges from the top level of the slope. There is no exact measurement of those arrangements.

New building
The structure of this building is based on two forms: curved and rectangular. The main entrance of the building is on the east side of the court yard (NN). The court yard wall is disturb only of the two steps height of the stairs. On the ground floor of the building is a big gompa of two storeys height, foyer, coat and shoe rooms, toilets (men and woman) and elevator (used by disabled and transporting things eg. stage or chairs). There is also an entrance from the stable side. It leads into the exhibition area of the foyer. There is still place to design the sleeve between two buildings.

In the basement are rooms specified in the program and small gompa with the adjoining cupboard, prostration gompa, Mahakala room, studio and art workshop, Showers with dressing room, families bathroom, children room and rest room. On the first floor are seminars room, archives, library with reading room, as well as big gompa balcony and elevator. The arrangements of the space and the structure could be change according to the needs of the whole project. There are two levels of 863 m2 (basement and first floor) and one level of 520 m2 (first floor). Gross 2.246 m2. The curved structure is concrete. The stairs shade and the rectangular part of the building is covered by wooden blinds.

H.H. Karmapa house
Karmapa’s house is converted from ice cellar by extension of the roof down to the ground (eastern and southern part only). Like that the court yard is not disturbed at all. The house has to be separated by the wall from the northern, eastern and alternatively southern side. It will give a full privacy for Karmapa. On the ground floor there is audience room, dining room, and monks room with the bathroom (94.09). On the first floor is Karmapa’s bedroom (42.1 m2) and bathroom (10.m2). There is terrace from the audience room and dinning room on the ground floor and on the first floor from the Karmapa’s bedroom there is small terrace – balcony. The structure of ice cellar walls itself are stay the same. There are only doors added into them. The outside walls are 0.3 m. Windows in the house (except existing ones) are in the extended part of the house.
Ground floor is 94.09 m2.
First floor is 82.81 m2.

Court yard
There is a Stupa in the middle of the court yard. The arrangement of the plants is inspirited by our Diamond Way’s round logo. Curved paths lead to the middle, where stupa stay.
Some of the measurements are approximate e.g. bedrooms, bathroom or space in the stable building.
If there is any part of the concept you will find useful for the whole project we will welcome the possibility of being involved and provide the further details, including some changes of current state.
There will be a model send before the deadline.

Thank you very much.

Very best wishes
Concept team
Carolina Khouri (interior designer)
Maciej Zembik (architect)
Aleksandra Rutkowska Binczak (artist)